Centre du Film sur l’Art

The Centre du Film sur l’Art was crea­ted in 1980 by film direc­tor Henri Storck, in an attempt to sup­port docu­men­ta­ries focu­sing on artists and the artis­tic process.

Nowadays, the Centre du Film sur l’Art pro­vides the public with a wide cata­logue inclu­ding more than 350 films about pain­ting, sculp­ture, pho­to­gra­phy, music, dance, lite­ra­ture – be it ancient, modern or contem­po­ra­ry art.

The asso­cia­tion orga­nises public film scree­nings all around Belgium in museums, cultu­ral centres, cine­mas, art gal­le­ries – or in any other place open to it.

Moreover, the asso­cia­tion makes its films avai­lable to schools, stu­dents, sche­du­ler, exhi­bi­tion cura­tors – or anyone who might be inter­es­ted in them.

The Centre du Film sur l’Art also puts toge­ther the only art film fes­ti­val in Belgium, name­ly the Brussels Art Film Festival – BAFF – a com­pe­ti­tive fes­ti­val that takes place eve­ry November, in part­ner­ship with CINEMATEK, ISELP, BOZAR and PALACE.

The Centre is fun­ded by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Service public fran­co­phone bruxellois.




Isabelle Molhant (President), Kathleen de Béthune (Vice-pre­sident), Sarah Pialeprat (Director), Catherine Delvaux (Treasurer)

Muriel Andrin, Christine Boël, Natacha Derycke, Fabienne Dumont, Adrien Grimmeau, Thérèse Marlier, Françoise Wolff


Muriel Andrin, Michel Baudson, Christine Boël, Dimitra Bouras, André Ceuterick, Virginie Cordier, Kathleen de Béthune, Catherine Delvaux, Natacha Derycke, Nicole d’Huart, Fabienne Dumont, Alain Goossens, Adrien Grimmeau, André Lambotte, Wilbur Leguebe, Anne Lévy-Morelle, Emilio Lopez Menchero, Thérèse Marlier, Isabelle Molhant, Sarah Pialeprat, Françoise Wolff